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7 Ways to Be More Energy Efficient This Winter

Save energy and utility costs during the winter months with these 7 tips.

Winter means cuddle weather, sweaters and scarves, and hot coco in front of a fire. It also means heating bills and holiday shopping, not to mention a bigger carbon footprint from the extra heaters and electricity. The good news is with a few simple steps you can easily make your apartment more energy efficient, while saving some money in the meantime.

1.       Program your thermostat. This is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to save energy and money year round. In the winter heating bills can skyrocket, but if you think about it there’s no reason to heat your apartment when you’re not home. By programming your thermostat to turn the heat down shortly after you leave for the day, then turn back up a little before you get home you’ll save a lot of money and energy while not even noticing a difference.

2.       Check your windows and doors. As your mother most likely said at some point in your childhood, stop letting the cold in! If you’re feeling a lot of drafts around your doors and windows you can have your property maintenance take a look at it and possibly get a replacement, but even small drafts can add up. An inexpensive draft stopper or rolled up towel can easily save you a lot this winter.

3.       Utilize your drapes. In the winter make sure to leave your drapes and curtains open throughout the day to let the sun in to naturally heat the room. Once it starts to get warmer in a few months keep the drapes closed so your A/C doesn’t have to work even harder.

4.       Optimize your fridge and freezer. There’s no way to get around your energy bills going up slightly in the winter months, but you can optimize the appliances you use every day to save as much energy and money as you can. For example, by keeping your fridge and freezer full they’ll have to run less and use less electricity. If you’re worried about wasting food you can keep ice and water in the back, then put the produce in front. This tip can be used no matter what season you’re in.

5.       Be smart about laundry. Another year-round tip to save on your utility bill and energy use is to think about your washer and dryer use. Unless absolutely necessary use cold water when washing. Also only wash and dry full loads so you’re not running the appliances more than needed. For the dryer, check to make sure the vents are cleaned regularly and always clean the lint trap before each load.

6.       Think about feng shui. Some call feng shui a pseudoscience, but regardless of how you feel about energy flow in your apartment, you should think about how your furniture is arranged to maximize efficiency. Are any pieces of furniture blocking air vents? If so you heater and A/C will have to work even harder to keep the room warm or cool. By promoting air flow you’ll save energy and money in the long run.

7.       Be aware of vampire devices. Devices like cable boxes, smart TVs, and gaming systems are sometimes referred to as “vampire” devices. These electronics suck power even when it appears they’re off because of their power save mode. This allows them to turn on at a moment’s notice, or with your voice, but it also means higher electricity usage. By plugging the devices into a power strip to manually cut all power to them, or invest in a smart power strip that will automatically cut the power when not in use.

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