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5 Motivation Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Already starting to slack off on your New Year’s resolution? Try these 5 tips to get back in the game.

No matter how enthusiastic you were on January 1, chances are good you’re already starting to fall back on your resolutions. The holidays are well over and we’re fully back into the day-to-day routines which means it’s easier to make excuses and put things off. The good news is, even if you’ve already fallen off the horse, the year is still young! It’s not too late to start back up with whatever goals you set to accomplish in 2019. If your goals included getting healthier or losing weight read on for some tips to get the ball rolling again!

Use Technology

There are tons of ways to integrate technology into your daily fitness habits, from aps to track your calories and monitor your water intake, to heart rate monitors, to streaming services to fit any type of exercise you’re interested in. Residents at Enclave at 127th can enjoy the Wellbeats™ system in our fitness center to complete goal-based workout plans, enjoy a wide variety of fitness classes, and track improvement with fit tests. Don’t get bored with the same old workout! Switch things up and try something new today.

Create a Motivational Playlist

In addition to the above, you can also use technology to your advantage in the form of music. While scientists still can’t fully agree on why music affects exercise so much, there’s no doubt that it does. Studies have shown that music makes physical exertion more enjoyable, distracting from pain and fatigue while also elevating the mood and increasing endurance. Music may even help the metabolism work more efficiently. So take some time and curate your perfect workout mix, or start with a premade one and customize it for you.

Drink Water

You’ve been hearing it your whole life: drink eight glasses of water per day to be healthy. While the exact amount of water varies depending on who you ask, any health care professional or physical trainer will tell you that water is one of the most important keys to staying healthy, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Depending on your starting point, you may want to work on increasing your daily water intake or just be more consistent. Get a reusable water bottle and set a goal to refill it so many times per day, then keep track and meet that goal.

Don’t Weigh Yourself as Much

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you’re struggling to lose weight you may want to hide the scale for a period of time or weigh yourself at set intervals (but not in between those intervals). Especially if you’ve fallen off the fitness horse, monitoring your weight that closely could do more harm than good. Between daily changes in hormones, stress levels, salt and water intake, as well as several other factors, your weight can fluctuate several pounds on any given day, only adding to your frustration. Instead consider weighing yourself once every week or two, and make sure to do so at the same time of day each time.

Make Things Easier for Yourself

If you’re starting out with a new fitness schedule it’s usually fairly easy to find the motivation to continue. Once you’re a few weeks in, however, the motivation typically starts to die off and the excuses are harder to fight. Give yourself some help and find ways to combat those excuses from the start. If you prefer to workout of a morning, take a minute to lay out your workout clothes before going to bed. If you’ve committed to working out after work consider taking your workout clothes with you to work and changing there so you’re ready to go as soon as you get home.


This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have before starting a fitness or diet plan.

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